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Using the VIN to Obtain a Vehicle History Report

A vehicle is a considerable investment, and if you're thinking about buying a used vehicle, you want to know as much about its history as possible. At Land Rover Farmington Hills, we want you to be comfortable with your purchasing decision. That's why we want to ensure that you know about vehicle history reports.

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What Affects a Backup Camera?

One of the latest safety features on a car is the backup camera, often used when a driver needs to go in reverse and examine the space that is behind their vehicle. It is useful for reducing car accidents on a large scale, but there are certain times when it can be affected.

After a time, these cameras can accumulate dirt...

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The Benefits of Car Covers

The use of a car cover can help protect both the interior and exterior from many different types of damage. For instance, putting the cover over a vehicle parked under a tree could prevent sap or branches from hitting the paint. It can also prevent bird droppings from landing on the vehicle as well.

If left exposed to the sun, the car's paint could fade or chip. Furthermore, exposure to the sun could make the inside of the vehicle dangerously hot.

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Tips on What to do During a Test Drive

Taking a vehicle for a test drive can be fun, but here a few tips about how to make the drive useful and informative to you.

  • When getting in the automobile note how easy it is. Will you be able to climb in and out of it for years? Once inside, do you have head and legroom? Can you see out the front, sides, and back clearly?
  • On the drive, open up the engine on the freeway. Drive through a neighborhood or area where you have to stop and start a lot. 
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Are Summer Tires Really Better Than All-Season Tires?

The tire techs here at Land Rover Farmington Hills wanted to pass on information about why it is recommended your vehicle has summer tires this season. Compared to the all-season tires, summer tires help with braking, handling, and the ability to grip the road better.

Summer tires have less grooves than the all-season tires, and that is a good thing as the roads heat up. 

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What is a Differential and Why Should You Care?

The differential is housed in between the car's drive shafts and transmission, keeping gears lubricated so they can make the transfer of power more easily. Without the differential, the car would not be able to move.

Although the differential is a sealed housing, it contains fluids that need to be in a peak state to ensure all the moving parts are adequately lubricated. If the fluids leak or get contaminated, all the moving parts are at risk of getting damaged.

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Reasons for Tire Pressure Light Illumination

One of the great features that is included in the majority of new vehicles is tire pressure sensors on each of your tires and sometimes on your spare tire as well. These sensors are designed to alert you when the pressure inside of one or more of your tires has fallen below twenty-five percent of the recommended level.

Each type of tire has its own recommended amount so that's something to keep in mind if you have just gotten a new vehicle. 

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Symptoms of Bad Mufflers & Exhaust Problems

Your muffle system has two functions. For one, the muffler should reduce the exhaust noise from the engine. The noise should move through ports to the exhaust pipes. This is so that the exhaust gases can travel out of the engine. There are some issues as mufflers grow older, which can lead to a less effective exhaust system.

This can lead to a noisier exhaust system. There are some other issues that can cause problems with your exhaust system, including being exposed to salt over time. 

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Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Hydroplaning

Wet roads are a factor in more than 1 million traffic accidents every year. Surprisingly, many of those accidents occur during warm weather. Hydroplaning, sometimes referred to as aquaplaning, occurs when a vehicle's tires lose traction because of standing water on the road. This can cause the vehicle's driver to lose the ability to steer, brake and accelerate.

If you've ever experienced hydroplaning, you know it can be terrifying. 

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Motor Oil Myths: We'll Bust Two Commonly-Held Beliefs

Did you know that using synthetic oil will not cause leaks? If you didn't, then you're not alone. There are numerous myths about motor oil that are floating around. And, many times, they are perpetuated by the people who should really know better. To help you understand more about your motor oil, we'll debunk one more of the many myths that are circulating around today.

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