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Signs Your Brakes Could Use Some Maintenance

Being in the position to identify trouble with your car brakes will save you money and trouble on the road. If you see any of the following warning signs, be sure to see one of our technicians at your earliest convenience.

Pay close attention to the sounds coming from your vehicle. If the wheels are noisy when you depress the brake pedal, it may indicate that the system is failing.

If you have trouble with the brakes, you will feel it. The vehicle may shift to one side, bounce up and down, or even vibrate as you try to bring…
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Land Rover Approved: A different breed of pre-owned vehicle

What does it mean to buy a pre-owned vehicle? For many automakers, the "pre-owned" vehicle is a rather nebulous term, full of caveats and clauses, and ultimately for many drivers, it just ends up feeling like they are buying a used car. Land Rover, however, takes a different approach to the "pre-owned" vehicle. When a Land Rover Vehicle gets its Approved stamp, you know that it is of a truly different breed.

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