Winter Tires Provide Special Protection

Here at Land Rover Farmington Hills, we like to help drivers everywhere to operate their vehicles more safely. When it comes to vehicle safety, one of the biggest priorities is having the proper tires installed during wet or wintry weather. In this area, winter tires offer many benefits that all-season tires do not. These benefits include safety, special construction, and ease of use.

In the winter safety front, vehicles that use winter tires have proven, over time, to be much safer than vehicles that use only all season tires. Among other things, this is because winter tires have special constructions that allow for use in colder than usual conditions. These specialties include deeper and wider sipes/ grooves and softer rubbers. In contrast to this, all season tires tend to use harder, less pliable components.

SUVs can also benefit from the use of winter tires. Even though SUVs tend to be more stable than other vehicles, their weight can be a liability if drivers use all season tires in icy conditions. Winter tires, in contrast, can enhance the SUVs inherent stability.

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