How Does Auto-Dimming Work in Rearview Mirrors

Have you ever been driving and experienced temporary blindness because of someone's bright headlights? This called the Troxler Effect. These are issues that can instantly be resolved now with auto-dimming. While this technology wasn't practical 20 years ago, most modern vehicles are coming standard with driver assistance features.

With sensors, auto-dimming instantly deflects glare in your rearview mirror now. These are also called electrochromic mirrors. These work with sensors and cameras that use a photodiode to capture photodetectors. This alerts the microprocessor behind the mirror to trigger auto-dimming.

There are lots of new driver assistance features such as blind spot monitoring and lane departure assist. These features are designed to protect the driver from anything without having to set any buttons or knobs to trigger it. Auto-dimming instantly triggers with any time of night-time driving glare. You can experience these features when you come test drive at Land Rover Farmington Hills located in Farmington Hills, MI.

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