How to Prevent Rodent Damage

Even the most meticulous vehicle owner can become the target of unwanted rodent attention. The engine compartment can become an enticing destination for furry creatures on cold winter nights, as it provides shelter and residual heat. Once inside the engine, rodents can find their way into the interior of your vehicle.

If you park in a densely wooded area or crowded garage, try to eliminate places where rodents can hide. Cover all exposed pipes, hoses, and holes in your engine with wire mesh to keep creatures out and wrap foul-tasting duct tape around exposed wires to dissuade rodents from chewing on them. Never leave food or empty containers that still smell like food inside your car.

Don't panic if you find evidence of rodent damage in your vehicle. Visit us at Land Rover Farmington Hills in Farmington Hills, MI, and our mechanics can quickly repair the damage. Your repairs may even be covered under your comprehensive insurance policy.

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