Learning the Right Way How to Make a Winter Survival Kit

Before you head out on the roads this season, the team at Land Rover Farmington Hills wanted to pass along a few tips on how to correctly pack your winter survival kit that you'll keep in your vehicle.

Pack a sleeping bag or several blankets so that you can keep yourself and passengers warm in the event the vehicles cannot start and you're stranded waiting for help.

Bring plenty of canned foods and a manual can opener. Jars of peanut butter and crackers are not only a great snack that can pass the time, they will last in the kit all winter long.

Bring along a flashlight and plenty of new batteries. This flashlight will be essential for seeing in the dark, flagging down motorists, or used to help make repairs.

Tools of every sort are invaluable when the vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere. One roll of duct tape can make countless quick repairs.

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