What Type of Floor Mats Are the Best?

Once you've selected your dream vehicle, there are still many more decisions to be made in regard to the interior of your car. One of the most common questions is whether to install rubber floor mats or carpet floor mats. That is why we here at Land Rover Farmington Hills of Farmington Hills, MI want to weigh the positives and negatives of both options for you.

The biggest benefit to rubber floor mats is that they are far more durable and last much longer. The downside to this is that they will cost more money. The biggest benefit to the carpet floor mats is the aesthetics you are able to achieve with them. The biggest downside to these mats is that they are much harder to keep clean and can wear down faster.

By being an informed car owner, you can make the best decision for your vehicle that matches your specific set of needs.

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