Slowing Down in The Rain

There's a significant amount of rain on the roadway. You're trying to safely reach your destination without getting in a car accident by hydroplaning. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to save your vehicle when there are standing puddles of water on the road that could lead to this common driving scenario.

Slow your speed while you're driving. When the road is wet, there isn't as much traction between your tires and the pavement, which makes it harder to stop while you're driving. If you drive at a slower speed, then it's often easier to get your braking under control if you were to come across standing water on the road. You should also avoid a sudden increase in speed, such as when you pass someone on the road.

It often takes a village to provide proper care for your vehicle, and at Land Rover Farmington Hills in Farmington Hills, MI, we understand what it takes to nurture your vehicle at all times. We can examine your brakes and tires to ensure that your vehicle is safe while you're driving in all types of weather.

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