Are Summer Tires Really Better Than All-Season Tires?

The tire techs here at Land Rover Farmington Hills wanted to pass on information about why it is recommended your vehicle has summer tires this season. Compared to the all-season tires, summer tires help with braking, handling, and the ability to grip the road better.

Summer tires have less grooves than the all-season tires, and that is a good thing as the roads heat up. Fewer grooves mean the tires have more tread in contact with the road, and not only does that improve handling, it will help to bring the car to a stop sooner.

Unique tread patterns in the summer tires are designed to improve driving in the warmer weather too. Water is dispersed from the tires faster so it is less likely the car will hydroplane.

If you would like to have your all-season tires replaced with the summer version, visit our service center at Land Rover Farmington Hills and our tire team will get you taken care of today.

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