What is a Differential and Why Should You Care?

The differential is housed in between the car's drive shafts and transmission, keeping gears lubricated so they can make the transfer of power more easily. Without the differential, the car would not be able to move.

Although the differential is a sealed housing, it contains fluids that need to be in a peak state to ensure all the moving parts are adequately lubricated. If the fluids leak or get contaminated, all the moving parts are at risk of getting damaged.

The other reason the differential is such an important part of your vehicle is because it controls the gears move as you turn the steering wheel. When the gears begin grinding, have this addressed before bigger problems arise.

Now that you know how important the differential is to keep your vehicle moving along smoothly, bring your car to in to our service center here at Land Rover Farmington Hills so we can inspect and replace any fluids that may be compromised.

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