Tips on What to do During a Test Drive

Taking a vehicle for a test drive can be fun, but here a few tips about how to make the drive useful and informative to you.

  • When getting in the automobile note how easy it is. Will you be able to climb in and out of it for years? Once inside, do you have head and legroom? Can you see out the front, sides, and back clearly?
  • On the drive, open up the engine on the freeway. Drive through a neighborhood or area where you have to stop and start a lot. Take the vehicle to a parking lot and drive in reverse. How does the stirring, cornering, and braking feel to you?
  • Ask about the miles per gallon, and what navigation devices the vehicle comes with. Have the salesperson go over the safety features because often these are things you cannot see, such as airbags and anti-locking brakes.

Now that you know what to do, stop by our showroom here at Land Rover Farmington Hills conveniently in Farmington Hills, MI, and take some test drives today.

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