Get a Wintertime Battery Check

It is a horrible feeling when it is cold outside and you hear a click-click-click sound when you attempt to start your car. Most of the time, this signifies a dead battery. Hopefully, there's someone who can give you a jump start so you aren't stuck out in the freezing Farmington Hills weather.

It is important to make sure that your battery is in good condition before you get that sinking feeling when your car won't start. Now is the time to get your battery tested. A simple test can determine if your battery is maintaining the proper charge at rest and under a load. If it's already getting harder to start your car in the morning, the battery should be tested right away.

Come into Land Rover Farmington Hills for a battery check. The technicians in the shop can test your battery, and they can provide a replacement if your battery is old and wearing out.

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