Drive in The Fast Lane Often? You Should Check on Your Brake Pads

People that are accustomed to driving in the fast lane on a highway generally are well aware of the etiquette that is expected from the other motorists attempting to pass ahead. What some may not know is the level of danger they could be placing themselves in by having worn-down brake pads while the car is in fast motion.

Brake pads work by receiving energy in the form of pressure. Brake fluid is fed into a cylinder that also houses a set of pistons that assist in moving the brake pads to the disc brakes. When these opposing forces touch, it makes the rotation of the wheels slow down and eventually halt all movement. On the highway, a car that is unable to slow down in a fast lane due to having bad brake pads is at great risk of causing a wreck.

If you are one of the many motorists on the expressway that enjoys fast-lane travel in Farmington Hills, you should come to our service center at Land Rover of Farmington Hills to get your brake pads properly serviced, audited, and repaired if they have visible damage. Always make car safety on the fast lane a top priority!

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