Symptoms of Bad Mufflers & Exhaust Problems

Your muffle system has two functions. For one, the muffler should reduce the exhaust noise from the engine. The noise should move through ports to the exhaust pipes. This is so that the exhaust gases can travel out of the engine. There are some issues as mufflers grow older, which can lead to a less effective exhaust system.

This can lead to a noisier exhaust system. There are some other issues that can cause problems with your exhaust system, including being exposed to salt over time. In northern areas, iced and salted roads can lead to damage for your muffler system through rust. If you take a bump too hard or constantly go over speed bumps, you could also be causing damage to your muffler system.

In other cases, you may have made a modification that caused your muffler to be damaged and need some help getting a new one installed. For any issues, you can talk to the service center at Land Rover Farmington Hills located in Farmington Hills, MI.

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