Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Hydroplaning

Wet roads are a factor in more than 1 million traffic accidents every year. Surprisingly, many of those accidents occur during warm weather. Hydroplaning, sometimes referred to as aquaplaning, occurs when a vehicle's tires lose traction because of standing water on the road. This can cause the vehicle's driver to lose the ability to steer, brake and accelerate.

If you've ever experienced hydroplaning, you know it can be terrifying. Fortunately, it's also preventable. Maintaining a safe distance between vehicles, decreasing your speed on wet roads and turning off cruise control greatly reduces your chances of hydroplaning.

Properly inflated tires with good treads also prevent hydroplaning. Inspect your tires often for signs of wear and tear. Tires should be balanced and rotated every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

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