How much will your next car end up costing you?

In the last 10 years, we have made huge strides in the automotive industry. Manufacturers are producing cars that are lighter, faster and filled with more tech than their predecessors. So it's no surprise that new cars rise in price a couple hundred dollars each year. While a $400 dollar car payment might not be so bad, it's important to factor the total cost of ownership because the U.S spends more money on cars than any other country

A few things to keep in mind are insurance, fuel costs, and maintenance, and new car owners losing as much as twenty percent of their car's value in the first year. These are costs that usually don't deter new car buyers, but rather the big price sticker in the window. So when you visit your local dealership, talk to the financier to see how much you're really paying when you purchase your next vehicle.
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