Quick Tips For Traveling With Food This Holiday Season

During the Holiday season many of us encounter one of the toughest challenges of the year: transporting our favorite culinary dishes to family events. Taking our best dishes or family favorites to the destination can become a perilous journey if some simple and easy to remember steps aren't taken.

Using trash bags to line your vehicle's backseat, cargo space, and floorboards is a great way to stay ahead of the curve if any spills do occur during transit. Plastic bags that are zip-locked and water tight are also a great food transporting vessel.

A good-sized cardboard box can also be one of your best friends when traveling with food this holiday season. Disposable foil baking pans and pie tins are fantastic. Inverted and placed on top of one another can create little-covered pods when secured with a little bit of tape. Just be sure heavier items are reinforced along the bottom for security.

These pods are great to stack together inside of a box, using the zip-locked bags as well as newspaper or kitchen towels as insulation will help to stop things from moving about too freely.

All of us here at Land Rover Farmington Hills wish you a very happy holiday season this year!

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