What Does that Light On Your Dashboard Mean? Land Rover Farmington Hills has Answers!

Your luxurious Land Rover SUV has a great way of letting you know when it is having problems or any type of car trouble. You may have noticed that a symbol has lit up on your dashboard all of a sudden seemingly out of nowhere. This means that your SUV is experiencing some type of service issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. These lights could very well indicate a very small issue, or they also could be pointing to a large one that requires extensive repairs. Look out for these two important lights while driving around in your Land Rover.

Some common warning lights include:

  • Oil light: This probably means that your vehicle is getting low on oil. Take it in for an oil change soon at our reliable service center.
  • Engine light: Unless you know a lot about cars, take it to a professional for a diagnosis, just like the certified technicians here! This light can mean multiple things that are not easy to fix.

These are two of the most common lights that require servicing by a trained individual. Visit our service department here at Land Rover Farmington Hills if you want to know more about the different warning lights in your particular model! Our technicians will be more than happy to diagnose and fix whatever the source is for that pesky light illuminated in your Land Rover.

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