Don't Pass On Washing Your Car, It is Important Too!

First and foremost, when you wash your car, it makes it look better. And when you wash your car on a regular basis, it gives you a chance to check things that can become loosened over time. License plates can become loose and the bolts need to be tightened. Headlight lenses can become loose, taillight lenses, the could be problems with your mirrors, paint could start to chip, a whole host of things can become damaged or loose over time. And why replace those things if you can catch it before they fall off.

Washing the dirt off your car can improve the lifespan of your paint job. Believe it or not, moisture is what makes dirt stick to the car. And that build up over time can hurt the clear coat on the car. And when the clear coat starts to wear off, then the color of the car becomes more dull.
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