Watch the Land Rover Discovery Sport Tow A Train

The 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV strives to deliver an extraordinary driving experience every day; whether it be helping you get from point A to point B, or fulfill some serious towing expectations, the luxury SUV is there for you. Speaking of towing capability, Land Rover stopped people in their tracks, literally. Take a look at what we mean by watching the video below.

"To highlight the new Discovery Sport's towing capabilities – and just how much more capable it is than the LR2/Freelander it replaces – Land Rover had the specialists at Aquarius Railroad Technologies fit the three-row sport-ute with a set of rail wheels and hooked it up to a train of three luxury carriages totaling 119 tons," reports the staff at Auto Blog. "That's considerably more than the 2.75 tons it's rated for, some 60 times the vehicle's own weight, or roughly the mass of a Boeing 757 passenger jet."

The Land Rover Discovery Sport definitely wins. Ready to see just how capable it is? We're proud to offer Farmington Hills and the surrounding area full inventories of new luxurious Land Rover SUVs, including the Discovery Sport SUV, as well as high quality certified pre-owned Land Rover and other used vehicles.

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