Land Rover Approved: A different breed of pre-owned vehicle

What does it mean to buy a pre-owned vehicle? For many automakers, the "pre-owned" vehicle is a rather nebulous term, full of caveats and clauses, and ultimately for many drivers, it just ends up feeling like they are buying a used car. Land Rover, however, takes a different approach to the "pre-owned" vehicle. When a Land Rover Vehicle gets its Approved stamp, you know that it is of a truly different breed.

Each candidate for the Land Rover Approved seal goes through rigorous phases of testing and inspection before it even enters the service shop. In addition to initially checking over the vehicle, Land Rover technicians check the mileage and service schedule, to ensure that the vehicle has been maintained responsibly. Once it hits the service shop floor, the vehicle must pass a 165 multi-point inspection and diagnostic check before work begins. Each Land Rover Approved candidate is inspected not only by trained Land Rover Technicians but by independent inspectors to ensure that all processes are geared toward delivering the highest quality of product.

Best of all, once the vehicle receives its approval, we pass it on to you with a 2 year warranty and 24 months of roadside assistance. Land Rover has always been known for its high standard of quality, and its Land Rover Approved pre-owned vehicles are no exception. Explore our selection of Land Rover Approved vehicles or stop by Land Rover Farmington Hills for a test drive today!


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