What's so Special About the Special Edition Evoque?

Land Rover has always been a brand up for impressing its fans. It's a luxury brand, beautiful and striking inside and out and recently, it has decided to come out with a special edition model that is truly special. Land Rover's new Special Edition Range Rover Evoque SW1 will be a part of the "Inspired by Britain" series and has more than one surprise up its sleeve.

The new Evoque will be one of the first models  to feature Land Rover's new integrated laser heads up display. The information display shows up on the Evoque's windshield which then allows the driver to keep their vision ahead and more on the road than if they had to look down or to the side.

The Evoque will also feature Jack Union detailing for styling throughout the body and cabin. For more information on the special edition Evoque, the Evoque as it is now, or another Land Rover model you can visit our Land Rover Farmington Hills dealership.

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