Couple Shows Off Their Land Rover In Creative Short

If you are heading out on an adventure into some rough and remote terrain then a Land Rover model is the perfect companion.  With versatility and rugged features our SUV's can help tackle whatever landscape is tossed its way, as seen by one couples short film.

For one South African couple their journey across southern Africa was made possible by their 2009 Land Rover Puma Defender named Andy.  To show this off they created a short stop-motion film, which included Andy at center stage.  Check it out below:

Andy the Landy took this couple across seven countries in 150 days, helping them experience some amazing sights and meet some new people along the way.  Without Andy who knows how their adventure would have unfolded in the unforgiving African environment.

If you want to hit Mother Nature with capable style here in Farmington, Michigan then stop by our showroom and see all the new Land Rover models we currently offer.  Take one for a test drive to experience their versatility and see how they can truly tackle tough terrain on exciting adventures.

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