Land Rover Visits the Tough Terrain of Albania

It doesn’t get more treacherous and tough than the Accursed Mountains in Albania, so there really is no better place to test a Land Rover model than in this landscape.

Last month here on our blog we showed off how a Land Rover could handle the arid dry terrain of Africa, so this time around we thought we would cool it down a bit and raise the altitude.

The 2014 Land Rover LR4 took to the snowy and high mountain terrain of the Accursed Mountains, and a video was made to show off how it fared.  Check this out below:

With the Terrain Response system and classic Land Rover versatility the LR4 tackled all the tough terrain with ease, making the Accursed Mountains look rather, well, not accursed.

If you want to be able to handle whatever the Farmington Hills, Michigan region can throw your way then hop in a new Land Rover model today, we look forward to seeing you.

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