The 2014 Range Rover Sport Visits the Empty Quarter Desert

Last month we announced the 40th birthday of the Range Rover in a blog post. The 2014 Range Rover is a beautiful vehicle, and though we're sure it would perform well in the video we are about to show you, we think this sandy trek was best saved for its younger sibling, the Range Rover Sport.

This trip, which brought a 2 man team through the Empty Quarter desert in one day, was exhilarating. What was even more impressive was that the Range Rover Sport they drove was not modified for racing.

At Land Rover Farmington Hills we couldn't imagine driving our vehicles down such a steep sand dune, but the SUV performed brilliantly. What was your favorite part of the video?

We enjoying serving the Farmington Hills, Michigan area wih luxury vehicles that have amazing off-road capabilities. At our showroom we have a selection of 2014 Range Rover Sport vehicles to choose from. Even if you don't make it out to a desert, we're sure you'll still have loads of fun.

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